Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dried Pork Buns == BAD

So I've developed a love for roast pork buns. I tried them for the first time recently and fell in love.

Anyway, I was in Chinatown last night and looked everywhere for roast pork buns. I found a "bakery" that had them and went in to order some when "Dried Pork Buns" caught my eye. I thought they would be tasty jerky-like pork buns, roasted and then crisped.

BUT I WAS WRONG! It turns out that a Dried Pork Bun is something like a Donut with shavings of dried pork jerky sprinkled on it. It is absolutely DISGUSTING. Do not make the mistake of ordering one!


Here's an idea Peg came up with after playing WOW for the other day for the first time. I posted this ont he Blizzard suggestions forum. Lets see if they really do it.

My girlfriend just started playing WOW and she was very dissapointed when she received an ingame mail from a Troll and the mail was written in.... ENGLISH!

She wants MONSTER MAIL, where we Horde can send a message that is undecipherable to the other horde races, and then sign the back of the letter with a giant hoof-print (or 2-finger toe print, rotten foot, etc.)

When you receive a MONSTER MAIL, your character will pick it up out of the mail box, look at it and be all confused, because MONSTER MAIL is jibberish! Then your character will flip the MONSTER MAIL over and see the GIANT HOOF-PRINT on the back and look very very confused.

Maybe there can be an animated lightning bolt of confusin over your character's head.

I told her that the game is patched every week, so maybe if you guys get working on this today it can be in the Tuesday patch!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Colberr Reporr

Last week Comedy Central premiered The Colbert Report starting everyone's favorite The Daily Show correspondent Stephen Colbert. The show's format satires Bill O'Reilly of FoxNews, and stars Colbert talking with much gravitas and making an ass of himself and anyone who dares to come on the show.


Dorky topics?

There have been some complaints about the topics that my blog will cover are too dorky (or as Peg would say, toooooooooo dorky)

Well, I say bullocks.


There's an MFC window style that you need to set when a window is going to contain child controls. WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT. This bad-boy is a must when you're nesting windows (a la AWT or Motif).

What happens when you omit it? You can create a parent window without this style, but your children will behave funny, and your program can crash often. For example, hitting tab in a control may put your message pump in an infinite loop. Message boxes and other popup children might cause lock-ups as well. All sorts of bad side-effects.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Warning: No new line at end of file

Who's stupid idea was this? The HP-UX C++ compiler actually complains when you omit a newline at the end of a .cpp file. Why? What possible reason could there be?

Throughout the history of C it has been just about 100% white-space insensitive. C++ is pretty good in this respect too, except for nested templates (vector<pair<int,int>> will not work because the C++ syntax parser tries interpret >> as a shift rather than a close-template). But all of a sudden, the standard says you need newlines at the end of your source files.




Hoboy, things are going to get interesting now!

This is my first blog. I'm going to play with this stuff for a bit just to see what it can do.

Topics my blog will cover... well, my interests. Namely:
  • Computer Programming
  • Models
  • Sci-Fi books, movies, and TV-shows
  • Video Games
  • Living and Shopping in NYC
  • Other weird stuff