Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Voice Dialing ++

I was using the very cool Google Local beta app on my cel phone the other day. It's a little Java app that implements their fantastic Google Maps on your phone. It even does the dynamic loading aspect, where you can move around the map in whichever direction while it loads map tiles in the background. The map tiles are VERY detailed and look fantastic on the 160x120 screen of my Samsung a680 phone.

Google and Sprint do a pretty quick job delivering the data (it could be better). However, while this is all well and good, I am very dissapointed with how many clicks and changes in Text-Input mode it takes me to look up ANYTHING on my phone. There I am, clicking stupid T9 data, then switching to numeric mode so I can enter zip-codes, and it dawns on me...


My phone has a great voice recognizer for voice-dialing. No adapting needing. So why not use it with all text-entry widgets on my phone?